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Chasing Your Purpose

There is more than one way (multiple ways, in fact) to mess up your business. Of course, not having a completed Google Business Profile or not maintaining your Google Business Profile is a sure-fire way to lose clients to your competition. You know, those businesses that do what you do and HAVE a profile for searchers to find.

Eric Cohen

Purpose. Fulfillment. Prosperity.

Are You a Business Jackass" is a fun and informative podcast about the silly, crazy, sometimes downright stupid mistakes business owners make. Through guests and our own experiences, Eric Bruce and Catherine Napoli show that sometimes common sense isn't always common when it comes to running our own business or just being in a business environment.

Laugh with us, cry with us, and learn a thing or ten about how to avoid common mistakes, uncommon stupidity, and how to bounce back from the mistakes we all make at some point in business, and in life.


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