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Visibility Specialists



About Visibility Specialists


Visibility Specialists is all about getting found where people look for goods and services…On Google. Searches for everything from restaurants to professional services, home services, personal services…absolutely everything starts with “Hey Google. Show me a _____ near me.”

What Google shows on the first page, beyond the paid ads (which many people avoid because they are suspicious of companies paying big bucks for high rankings) are the businesses people go to.

How do they get page one listings? Organically! By feeding Google the information they are looking for, the reward is a higher search ranking on Google.


Search Engine and Marketing Tech Genius

Eric is the founder of Visibility Specialists. A quieter, more technical person, Eric is the data and key words guy. He loves analytics, data crunching, and all things Google search. (His fiancé claims he mumbles “hey Google,” then something inaudible in his sleep.)

His zone of genius is coming up with a Google Visibility Regimen for each business based on the facts, just the data facts.

Eric sees the big picture and can put together all the areas of search engine optimization, using Google and all their plethora of tools, that will help you attract your ideal client.

He has worked for several companies as a data analyst and information technologist, taking the raw data and creating marketing that works. Quiet and pensive, his thoughts tend to be profound and insightful.

Eric is a musician. He plays bass guitar and ukulele and can be found at Open Mic nights around the Phoenix Valley. A sailor, Eric is currently fixing a small sailboat and loves teaching his fiancé how to sail. He is also a voracious reader and can be found reading several books at once, especially those on his favorite subject, history.

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